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By mary Lou Danielson

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Besides designing quilt patterns, I have written several novels and short stories.

Sit back, relax by a roaring fire, by the pool, or just in a comfy chair. Have a cup of tea or cocoa...or a nice glass of wine. There will be no monsters, no war, or nightmares. My mysteries may have light horror and some blood.  Lull yourself in soft romance, mystery, and contemporary relationships in the real world, and maybe partake of a few mild sexual scenes. You will be dredged in the emotions of the characters as they pursue love and overcome adversities, broken relationships, or grief and loss. Snuggle with a box of tissues for tears or laugher, but reserve a period of time for my stories to transport you to the land of contentment.

For my quilting friends, some of my books will direct you to a link to my blog, to download free directions for the quilt on the cover of the book.

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Mikal vies to win Suzy’s heart from Jesse with covert offerings, attempting to lure her to his web. Suzy vows to uphold her basic values and promises to errant Jesse. Jesse has demons to face throughout his lifetime that interfere with the relationship he wants with Suzy. She must decide which man owns her love and loyalty. The winner loses, and the loser wins. Free quilt pattern available for cover through my blog: http://maryldanielson.blogspot.com/

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The second book in Mikal's Web Trilogy. . Mikal and Suzy developed a relationship until he disappeared in book #1, but he returns in #2. Everywhere Jesse turns, he faces the ghost of Suzy’s relationship with Mikal, even though she vows he is locked in her past. The three paths cross repeatedly, causing rifts in their marriage and Jesse’s rising musical career. Eventually, Jesse must face his demons to save the career and family he cherishes, while Suzy fights Mikal’s web, the web she thought she escaped.
Free pattern for the quilt on the book cover through my blog: http://maryldanielson.blogspot.com/

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Mikal's Web Trilogy - Book #3



A Contemporary Romance novel. The final story in the relationships of Mikal, Jesse, and Suzy. New friendships and old loves are tested. Jesse believed he conquered his demons when he and Mikal put their pasts away to become business partners, but the biggest demons are yet to come. Jesse's ego and perpetual jealousy of Mikal threaten the partnership, even though Mikal promised not to pursue Suzy. The demons not only threaten his family, and lifestyle, but Jesse's whole inner being. The birth of his granddaughter triggers the revelation of the truth behind his father's hatred. The results of momentary bad decisions surface years later to endanger the family's stability. Mikal’s web is not the only web holding Jesse to his past.

Free pattern for the quilt on the book cover through my blog: http://maryldanielson.blogspot.com/

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After a chance meeting with a cowboy, Marcie discovers appearances can be deceiving.

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LULU, a short story

Billy inherits his grandmother’s house, barn, and property. Along with the house, he inherits Lulu, the southern belle tenant, who turned the house into a Victorian tearoom. Lulu has eyes for Billy, but Billy has eyes for Terri, the aloof bartender, at the tavern down the road. A constant discord occurs between Billy and Lulu, as he installs a working cabinet shop in the old barn, which stands in near proximity to the prissy, tearoom.

Free quilt pattern at http://maryldanielson.blogspot.com/

$0.99 at     www.amazon.com/-/e/B00676IKBC

SOMETHING TO LOOK AT, a short story

Goals, friendship, tragedy, and sacrifice, all cement, or deter, Peggy and Bobby’s relationship. Bobby’s earliest dream is to be a major league pitcher. Peggy, his grade school friend, becomes his unofficial pitching coach and mentor as he pursues his goal. Goals, friendship, tragedy, and sacrifice, all cement, or deter, Peggy and Bobby’s relationship. They both learn you must accept your adversities and go beyond them.

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Doppelganger Mysteries will begin in 2013.

Dominic Doppelganger is an artist, photographer, biker, lover...in either order.  Although, not a cop or PI, his lifestyle lands him in situations, in which, he uses any or all of his talents to help solve the crime.